Business Development Advisory

In the context of the fast growing economy, Vietnamese businesses have utilized this opportunity to expand their market share and increase their revenue. On the other hand, entrepreneurship also shows a fast increasing trend as a result of technological development, openness of the economy and the young, dynamic workforce. From the aforementioned factors, the demand for business development advisory services are becoming much higher. This is also one of our main services, in which we aid our clients by providing market research reports and the clients only have to focus on the production/ services aspect of their business.

We can accompany the clients at any step, including and not limited to generating ideas, planning business strategies, restructuring the financial system and managing risks. For companies operating steadily, we can help them to develop further by setting up new business plans, and restructure their finance. With regards to the business plan, we will first provide detailed analysis on the industry and from there, the company can leverage on their strength to grow a steady standing and with regards to the financial structure, we will simplify the system to cut unnecessary costs, maximizing the utilization of resources and at the same time, enhance effectiveness. Our services enable companies to increase their competitiveness, expand their position in the market and become more attractive to potential investors.

Below are the services provided by Nexus:

  • Business Planning and Budgeting
  • Financial Due Diligence
  • Financial Restructuring & Financial Modeling
  • Strategic and Investment Advisory
  • Business Due Diligence
  • Market Entry Advisory, Market Due Diligence

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