Globalscope was founded in 1987 when a small group of entrepreneurial corporate finance and business advisers came together to support clients in cross-border transactions. So far, Globalscope is a leading group of corporate finance and business advisers operating globally to support clients in cross-border transactions.

Their focus is on M&A and managing the diverse issues arising in the implementation of business growth or reorganization and realization strategies whether this is through acquisition, divestment, sale, restructuring, international joint ventures or licensing initiatives.

GlobalScope has 46 members on every continent in 39 countries in all five continents.

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Financial Information

Founders of Nexus Group are also founders of StoxPlus - a Vietnam’s leading financial & business information firm providing data feed, analytic tools and financial IT solutions.

Innovative analytics tools and services developed on top of a highly standardized and the most comprehensive financial database aggregating 800+listed companies and 1500+ unlisted public companies:

- Fiinpro - Data feed Services - Financial IT Solutions

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Business Information

A portal-based service built on an aggregate source of more than 800 thousand Vietnamese companies for: Company Reports, Industry Reports, Trade Connections

Building on the data business, StoxPlus provides market research services with comprehensive analysis and local insights to clients at quality standards of the World’s prestige advisory firms.

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