Values – Why Nexus?

Integrated platform

Leveraging upon our professionals’ in-depth industry insights through doing research, an extensive international and local distribution network, and superior capital markets expertise, Nexus is unique in Vietnam to help our clients access the capital needed to fund their strategic business initiatives. We have the execution capacity and a keen understanding of the local markets that are essential in a fund-raising partner. Our ability to identify and analyze industry consolidation trends helps to enhance our advice with in-depth understanding of clients’ requirements

Our experience

Our team has a combination of 50+ years of international experience in professional advisory and investment management. Our deep experience coupled with in-depth insights of the Vietnamese capital markets allow us to provide customized solutions that offer better pricing, optimal structure, and rapid execution for our clients’ benefit.

We are not only providing the advisory services to our clients but also helping them successfully implement the execution and deployment of their projects.

Extensive network

Our international distribution network with both domestic and foreign affiliates provides our clients with access to high-quality private and strategic investors. We pride ourselves on our ability to ensure access for our clients to capital needed to fund strategic business initiatives as well as provide follow-on support to help optimize capital deployment.

Value-Creation Approach

We always strike to bring value to client even in case the deal is failed. Key value drivers include: insightful understanding about the sector and industry informed by our database and research information; intelligence about deal dynamics and comparable transactions; knowledge about outlook of the industry, etc...

Deep understanding

Our professionals always aim to analyze any information in details. We have not only the knowledge, resources and skills to offer astute and practical advices, but also the commitment to work with our clients to ensure our recommendations be implemented and produce expected results. Our loyal clients can testify to a superior client service experience and an unwavering commitment to exceed expectations.

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